Concept Development / Marketing
DEEP42 is a digital platform that crosses the boundaries between NFTs, the blockchain, and decentralised gaming. Players get to mint and evolve game characters which, through continued gameplay, become unique and valuable NFTs. The characters can be swapped online with other players, sold/cashed out for real money, or used to influence key decision-making on the development of the game ecosystem itself.
At its heart, the DEEP42 architecture is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) whereby the game evolution is influenced directly by players who have earned governance tokens. All actions are indelibly recorded on the blockchain to avoid any fraudulent activity, and ensuring that even the game creators themselves cannot know where the future of the platform lies.
My role in the development of the DEEP42 ecosystem ranged broadly from conceptualisation of the game's play-to-earn framework, through to game narrative and character development, and marketing strategy and collateral creation. I also authored the white paper which outlined the intentions of the developers and publicly announced the launch of the platform. 
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