Hello! I'm Chris.
I’m an accomplished multidisciplinary creative. An NCTJ qualified journalist, an award-winning photographer, a magazine editor, a brand-storyteller and a lot more besides. I've spent twenty years working in content.

I’ve edited magazines in London and New York. I’ve worked in television, created marketing collateral for Ford, Microsoft, Uber and Channel 4, and I’ve worked on PR campaigns for Singapore Airlines, Lucozade and Havana Club. I’ve helped to build real-world spaces for Primark, been project lead on global rebranding projects, and collaborated with skilled creatives on television events such as Eurovision and publishing projects for Canon and Unilever.

I’m grateful to have worked with and commissioned amazing, talented people. Whether that’s skilled UX experts, photographers and designers who give life to the projects I’m managing, or household names like Rankin, Fatboy Slim and Ellie Goulding, I love to see creatives given the room to stretch their wings and the authority to step up.

My desire is to create great work and share it with the world strategically and for maximum effect. To foster emotional connection through creativity, and to strive to be better today than I was yesterday. I’m SEO and analytics-friendly, but I know that real magic goes beyond the quantifiable and into the unknowable. We are all human, after all.

In my spare time I’m an accredited meditation teacher and magazine columnist. I have a diploma in the ancient Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku, I write books about mindfulness and host a podcast about how to live well.

You can download my CV here.
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