SCOOP & SPOON | Brand Development

SCOOP & SPOON is one of Europe's largest independent marketing brands, and delivers cutting edge technological solutions to some of its clients most difficult marketing challenges. From unique streaming-on-demand applications for sports events to apps and print projects for global organisations, it offer a wide variety of innovative and unique services to help companies find certainty in uncertain times.
The people at SCOOP & SPOON are passionate about what they do. And it's this passion that drives the technology and the innovation that helps their customers thrive. I created a brand story as part of a brand repositioning that put the humans at the heart of SCOOP & SPOON's new identity. Focusing on themes of "love" and "concentration", this ultimately led to a new slogan – "CRAFTED BY HUMANS" – to reflect the quality, attention to detail, and love that goes into everything this ground-breaking company produces.
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