AVL Cultural Foundation | Editor

The AVL Cultural Foundation celebrates the marriage of art and science.

When the foundation sought to relaunch its website, its textual content needed a complete overhaul. While written in English, the AVL Cultural Foundation and its contributors are mainly Austrian, so the clarity of the language needed an update to accommodate non-native English speakers. At the same time, lengthy essays on topics such as the cultural impact of hearing, urban soundscapes, quantum mechanics, and ceramics, needed to be reworked to increase impact and understanding. 

I rewrote, repurposed, and reimagined the content in a coherent style, while honouring the original creatives, and maintaining the tone and sophistication with which the foundation operates. Contributions from Ai Wei Wei, Bill Fontana and the Shanghai Sinfonietta were all give a new lease of life in a dramatic and daring digital relaunch.

Client: AVL Cultural Foundation
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