Act1 | Brand Concept, Development, and Strategy

Act1 is a lifestyle, cosmetics and nutrition brand aimed at the over 55s. With a philosophy that focuses on healthy living through eating well, keeping active, maintaining a strong social life, and a commitment to lifelong learning, it challenges current notions of ageing and promotes a life of fulfilment at any age.
I took the lead on the brand identity work, coming up with the brand name, brand story, and slogan.

The concept draws on the idea that life after 55 isn't about winding down, but about getting started with a new found freedom and vitality. After a lifetime of lessons learned, this is the main event. Act1 is just the beginning.
As well as developing a brand, there were key deliverables such as the e-commerce website, product labels and packaging, tone of voice, and key messaging. I provided most of the communications and content for these aspects of the project.

Everything was aligned with SEO best practices and keyword targeting for effective content marketing.
There was also a social-first organic marketing strategy, combined with a paid marketing plan that took prospective customers through a three-level funnel to conversion. I oversaw the content for all aspects of this marketing strategy.
The ultimate aim was to create a brand that could empower older people to take care of their health and well-being, and inspire them to make the most of life after 55. We achieved this through creative storytelling, pinpoint brand positioning, and emotive messaging that resonated with our target market. 
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